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About Our Excursions
We provide a wide variety of exciting and enriching shore excursions - 4,000 excursions in over 300 ports worldwide
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While other companies sell cruises and other forms of travel, we focus exclusively on shore excursions. We utilize this expertise to select the highest quality shore excursions delivered by local experts in the most cost effective manner for our customers. Since we are not a large cruise line catering to thousands of customers per day, our cruise excursions packages allow you to travel in much smaller groups offering a more personalized experience. We offer a large number of unique cruise excursions that cannot be purchased from the cruise line. We encourage you to browse through the wide variety of excursions or call us for personal advice.

Cruise Excursion Sizes

Private Shore Excursions allow you to travel with your party alone and, in many cases, to fully customize your shore tour. For groups of 4 or more, we can usually arrange a private shore excursion for less than the cost of a large cruise line tour.

Small Group

Small Group Shore Excursions generally range in size from 2-20 people, providing a more personalized experience than the large excursions offered by the cruise lines.


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Cruise Excursion Types
Cultural Excursions

Cultural Shore Excursions allow you to experience the customs, heritage, and local flavor of the destinations.

Scenic Excursions

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Active Excursions

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Water Excursions

Water/Beach Shore Excursions provide unique ways to enjoy the ocean, beach, and sea life.


Culinary Shore Excursions allow you to sample the local culinary delights.